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Best 360 Photobooth Rental

360 photo booths are the latest trend at weddings, corporate parties, and other events. Unlike traditional booths, 360 photo booths use multiple DSLR cameras to capture guests within a 360-degree view. The result is an immersive, interactive image guests can digitally pan through. If you’re considering a 360 photo booth rental for your next event, here are the top companies offering the best features and packages.

What to Look for in 360 Photobooth Companies

When selecting a 360 photobooth rental orlando, keep an eye out for providers that offer:

  • High-resolution DSLR cameras - At least 12+ megapixels for crisp, clear photos.

  • Rapid print speed - Quick printing so guests don't have to wait long for photos.

  • Fun photo templates - Custom graphics, animations, and digital backgrounds.

  • Social media sharing - Easy options to share photos online.

  • Live remote viewing - View photos in real-time from a mobile device.

  • Open air or enclosed options - Choose open booth-less setups or enclosed pods.

  • Personalized branding - Add a custom logo, colors, or message.

  • Hassle-free event setup - Provider handles delivery, set up, and operation.

  • Friendly attendants - Staff on hand to assist guests.

  • Backdrops and props - Fun-themed backdrops and props to hold.

Top 5 Companies for 360 Photobooth Rental

Based on online reviews, quality of equipment, options, and nationwide availability, here are the top 5 companies to consider for 360 photo booth rental:

1. Photo Booth International

With custom-built 360 booths and high-end Nikon cameras, Photo Booth International earns rave reviews for photo quality, fast print speeds, and reliability. Packages include unlimited prints, props, and attendants.

2. 360 Photobooth

This company pioneered 360 photobooths with 18 DSLR cameras in each unit. Their state-of-the-art equipment and choice of enclosed or open-style booths make them a top pick.

3. PhotoWorks Interactive

PhotoWorks Interactive offers 360 photobooths rental with integrated green screen technology for virtual backgrounds. Their custom templates and props help guests get extra creative.

4. Digital Centre

Digital Centre is one of the most affordable nationwide 360 photo booth rental companies. Their basic packages include everything needed for a fun and engaging guest experience.

5. 360 Photo Experience

360 Photo Experience focuses on bringing Hollywood-style special effects to events through 3D cameras and green screens in their 360 booths. Great for themed parties or creative guests.

What to Expect With 360 Photobooth Pricing

Pricing for 360 photobooth rental Atlanta varies based on:

  • Session length - Prices start around $900 for 2 hours, up to $1500+ for 4-6 hours.

  • Add-ons - Extra features like backdrops, props, attendants, or scrapbooks add cost.

  • Date and location - Weekend, wedding, and remote venue fees can increase pricing.

  • Package tier - Premium packages with more prints, cameras, and customization are pricier.

  • Travel fees - Companies may charge mileage rates for destinations over 50 miles.

Aim for $1200-1500 to rent a high-quality 360 photobooth for a 4-hour wedding or event. Obtain quotes from multiple vendors to compare pricing.

Getting the Most Out of Your 360 Photobooth

To maximize the 360 photobooth experience:

  • Set up the booth in a high-traffic area for maximum guest usage.

  • Test poses by having the bride and groom or event hosts go first.

  • Offer fun props like signs, crowns, glasses, and costumes.

  • Add an animated gif station for sharing images online.

  • Provide guest scrapbooks to paste in photo booth prints and posters.

  • Use the photos later in a highlight video or thank you cards.

  • Extend the rental time if the booth has a consistent long line.


360 photobooths take event photos to the next level with an immersive experience guests love. Leading national companies like Photo Booth International, 360 Photobooth, and Digital Centre offer state-of-the-art equipment, an array of templates and backdrops, social media integration, attentive service, and competitive pricing. Comparing top-rated vendors ensures you find the right fit for your next corporate, wedding, or private event.

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