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Buffalo Rose Concerts

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

When organizing a concert, it is essential to ask yourself certain questions such as: What is the profile of the people who listen to the artists who will perform at my concert? For example, buffalo rose concerts, Where to do the concert? How to sell tickets and at what price? When to put the tickets on sale? How to manage all the logistics of the concert? What must be foreseen at a technical level? How to promote the concert? We help you sort your questions!

1. The budget and sponsors

It is important to keep in mind the budget which is available for the concert all the time. In this way, you will always have a global view of where you can cut back if you have to put more resources in another game. How to organize a concert like buffalo rose, It will serve as a roadmap throughout the organization of the concert and will help you in the post-concert analysis.

In addition, the budget is essential to be able to establish the prices of the tickets (without ignoring which audience you are targeting, which is a factor of great influence on the price you can put on your tickets): calculate your minimum attendance goal for that, with the price of the ticket and the anticipated expenses, the concert is profitable. This point is tend to be called break even.

You don't have to bear all the expenses. That's what sponsors and other collaborators with whom you can reach beneficial agreements for both parties are here: And in our case, buffalo rose concerts are also held with the help of sponsors normally they will give you money, products or services necessary for your event in exchange for advertising their brand.

2. The artists (the booking)

Without an artist there is no concert. Does your event revolve around the artist or is the concert just another part of it? Is the concert an end in itself or is it part of another objective, such as fundraising? These questions will help you to see if you have to adapt the universe of your event to the chosen artist or, on the contrary, choose an artist that fits with the universe of your event.

Contact the recruiting agency or manager of the chosen artist and do not forget to send all the information related to the concert: where it will take place, capacity, characteristics of the space, etc.

3. The target audience

Age, educational level, socioeconomic level, type of usual leisure. Knowing your audience well will make things much easier for you, since you will be able to adapt to take advantage of the behavior of each group. Just like for buffalo rose concerts, age is an essential data since it will have a great impact on the permits that you have to process (to sell alcohol, for example), the schedule of the event, etc. Never forget whom you are organizing the concert for.

You can get more useful information about your concert attendees by including a form in the ticket purchase process.

4. The space, procedures, security and technical elements

The concert venue: Regardless of whether you choose a venue or an outdoor venue, it is important that you make sure of what the space offers you and what you will have to get on your own (alcohol sales licenses, security, technical elements) and that you check details such as cleanliness, whether or not it has a wardrobe, ventilation, whether there is coverage, whether it is accessible to people with reduced mobility. Just like buffalo rose concerts, it is also important to look at whether there is easy access for trucks, etc. if the assembly requires it.

Procedures: Do not forget to check the procedures that you may have to carry out with the town hall, the Treasury, the hiring procedures, insurance and others related to the security of the event.

Security: You have to look at this issue from two angles: what they call safety in English and what they call security . This includes, on the one hand, the conditions of the room, the respect of the capacity, the measures against fires, etc. and on the other hand, the vigilance that dangerous objects are not introduced, the security personnel both in the entrances and inside the enclosure, etc. Do not forget that, depending on the type of event, you may also have to rely on the police or ambulances.

Technical elements: Make sure you have everything that the artists tell you they need in the technical rider in order. This includes everything related to the sound, the lights, the backline.

5. Ticket sales (and more)

You have to set the prices (as we have seen, the budget and knowing who your audience is will help you) but also decide when and where to put them on sale.

Nowadays, limiting yourself to the physical sale of tickets does not make sense; both for the preferences of the attendees and for the possibilities and flexibility offered by online sales. Combine both forms according to your needs, collaborators, public etc.

Online ticket sales: Within online sales, there are different possibilities, which do not have to be exclusive. For example, you are selling tickets of buffalo rose concerts, now we believe in the self - distribution model, that's why we offer it: with this model. We give the organizer the technological tools so that he can be self-sufficient in the sale of his tickets, taking care of the marketing himself (integrating his virtual box office on his own website, on a microsite that we provide, on Facebook or on all those sites!). Thus, in addition, the end customers are yours, so the data is also yours. This does not mean that it is not interesting, depending on the case and as a complement, to also use another type of ticketer for the distribution of tickets. One thing doesn't take away from the other, but don't give up all control!

The sale of tickets at the box office : If you have tickets to sell, or even during the entire sale, you can complete the online sale with the physical sale: print a stock of tickets to sell or install a physical box office at the event site or at points of sale of your collaborators. Look at what a smart box office we have for you.

Stay tuned to our website buffalorosemusic for more musical news and updates!

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